Dam Troubles

Dam Troubles

The stop-logs in the standpipe (the concrete structure in front of the dam that serves as an emergency overflow) had deteriorated, allowing water to drain through. Our camp rangers worked on slowing the leak and the OA had a crew that built and installed new stop-logs. We thought that worked, but apparently the concrete at the bottom of the structure has decayed and water is going under the stop-logs. As you can see from the above picture, the lake has totally drained. We have met on-site with an engineer who specializes in dams and are waiting for information back from DEP on how to proceed.

2017 Summer Camp Informers- Headed Your Way

Check Your Mailboxes!

Attention all Scouts and Parents, the 2017 Summer Camp information is on its way.

In Your 2017 Camp Informer you will find important information on the dates of Camp, programs, camper-ships, and more. This years Informer is completely redesigned from previous years so let us know what you think.

Included in your Informer is the registration forms for your Summer Camp program, copies of the Special Dietary Needs Form and Camper-ship Form and your Spring "Earn Your Way to Camp Sale. This year Scouts can sell the Virginia Diner Nuts, and Trails End Popcorn. Orders Submitted to the Council will earn Scouts a 35% commission towards their camp experience. You can also use the Online Trails End Popcorn Sale for a 50% commission.